My name is Sara and I like to babysit. Ever since I was 6 years old I’ve wanted to take care of kids younger than me. I think it’s really fun to babysit little kids because you can play with them and get to know more about them. When I had a babysitter I enjoyed playing games and just talking to them. Every babysitter that I ever had I thought of them as a friend who would come along every once in a while. I want to be someone who will do a favor for a family when they need it, I wouldn’t mind when I get a call or an offer to watch some kids. When I babysit kids I want them to know that I am there for them if they ever need it, even if they are 1-5 years old and don’t understand. I will make sure they do what is asked to do by the parents and that they are safe in my care, no matter how old they are. I’m responsible enough to watch 2 or more kids at the same time. I’ll babysit any day at any hour if urgent. I will watch them at all times to make sure they are doing what they are told, but I will also make sure they are having fun. Having fun with the kids is one of my favorite things to do, even if I’m older than them I still enjoy doing it. If the kids have a good time and the parents like how I did they will most likely rehire me. If I’m rehired than it makes me feel like I did a great job and they trust me with their family. I always want to leave a good impression for the parents so they know I’m dedicated to my job. During the day, I have school so if after school I’m needed I will make sure to finished everything for school then go to the families house. I’ll verify if the date is good then show up on time. This are somethings i will be blogging about.