Article 7


Everyone knows that kid’s get hungry if they haven’t ate in a while. While you’re babysitting you can either make food for them, order food. Depending on your preference you can choose either of these choices.

If you are going to make the food for the kid(s) make sure they will be able to eat it. You don’t want the kids getting an allergic reaction to the food you made. Ask him/her what they are allergic to, but if they cannot talk contact the parents and ask them what they can or cannot eat. If the kids do get an allergic reaction, find medicine right away.

Even if you order the food from someplace you want to make sure they can eat it, and that it’s not just for you. I always loved when my babysitter would order pizza or Chinese food because it would be fresh. It may not have been as healthy as it could be, but it was still delicious. You may have to use your own money to pay for this, or tell the parents so they could give you a little extra money equal to the amount you paid.

Another thing you could do is just find little things to snack on. You don’t have to make a full meal if you don’t know how to or just can’t multitask to watch the kids at the same time. The kids won’t mind if they are younger, but if they are older (close to being a teenager) you might prefer to order food. Older kids have bigger appetites.

These are just a few ideas of what to do if the kid(s) are hungry. You can choose to do whatever you want in this situation. You don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to, or cook a big meal. Just remember you are taking care of the kids and this means they have to eat in some way.


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