Article 4


Things kids need to know when having a babysitter:

Having a babysitter means someone else is watching your kids when you’re not there. As a parent you should be curious about what happens, your kids need to know some things when they have a babysitter. Some of these things are:

  • Be safe
  • Know your parents contact information
  • Tell your parents about the babysitter

When kids have a babysitter most of the time they do whatever they want and the babysitter makes sure they are being safe. Kids also have to make sure they aren’t doing anything that could possibly hurt them. Depending how old they are they should know what they can and can’t touch in the house. If there is an older brother/sister with their younger sibling, make sure the older kid watches the youngest as well as the babysitter. This is important for the oldest to do so they make sure the little brother/sister are safe plus this teaches the older sibling responsibility.

When you have a babysitter make sure your kids know your contact information. If the kids know your phone number(s) they can call you if anything happens, but if they aren’t old enough give the babysitter your number(s). Also make sure you know the babysitters number so if they call you will know it’s them and not somebody else.

After you get home and you’re done paying the babysitter, ask the kids how he or she did. Ask what they did together, if the babysitter was good/nice, and if they would want that babysitter to watch them again. You want to know this information to consider rehiring them or know not to call them again. If the babysitter was bad but already left and you payed them, don’t ask for the money back. It may have been the first time babysitting and they didn’t know what to do (which isn’t an excuse). They may have just needed the money at the time.

Talk to your kids about these things so they know what’s to be expected, but you can always change whatever you need to for your personal liking. These are just some things the kids can know when having a babysitter.


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