Article 3


Tips for what to do in a dangerous situation:

When you are babysitting you never know what can happen. There may be some dangerous things that occur near or around you. Example of some things are:

  • Bad weather
  • A fire
  • An intruder

Bad weather can be many things including thunderstorms, hail, tornado/hurricane, and etc. If there is a really bad thunderstorm while you are babysitting, be prepared to get flash lights and candles. The power may go out so use flashlights and candles to see your way through the house. Make sure the kids stay calm during this time so they don’t go crazy and accidently hurt themselves. If there is a hail storm keep the kids inside and stay away from windows, hail can be hard enough to break glass. If there is a tornado watch/warning find a room that you and the kids can hide in. Make sure the room has NO windows or things that can hurt the kids. If you are in a two story house be at the bottom level of the house because it is safer than being at the top. Have the kids gather a backpack with extra clothes just in case somethings happens. The last thing to do is listen to the weather radio so you know if/when its coming.

If there is a fire in the house evacuate immediately before it gets worse. Don’t take anything with you, because you don’t want to be stuck in the fire. Go to a neighbor’s house and have them call 9-1-1, and stay with them. Also have them call the parents of the kids are you babysitting so they know what happened and if the kids are safe.

If there is an intruder at the house that won’t leave call 9-1-1 so they can remove the person off the property. This is different if the intruder breaks into the house. If someone breaks into the house, exit on the opposite side of the house so you can avoid contact with them. After you’ve left, go to a neighbor’s house and call 9-1-1, and notify the parents about what happened.

When babysitting unexpected things can happen, these are some of them. Hopefully these tips will help with current or future events.


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