Article 2


Tips for babysitters who are first starting out

If you are a babysitter who is first starting out you need to know a few things before you start the job.

  • how to get the job
  • interact with the kids
  • make a good impression

When starting out being a babysitter sometimes it’s hard to get discovered. A fast way to get a job is to join a babysitting app. There are many out to choose from and it’s easy to sign up. Another way to get discovered is having close friends/family recommend you to their friends if they need a babysitter. My parents used to do this all the time and they were happy with their friend’s son or daughter watching me.

When you get the job you want to interact with the kids and not be on your phone the whole time. Being on your phone is a distraction when you are babysitter because you’re not paying attention to what the kids are doing. This is a big reason why babysitters won’t be rehired. Technology nowadays is like an addiction, if you go on your phone once then you most likely will go on it again. Avoid being on any electronic device so you can pay attention to what the kids are doing.

The last thing you need to know when you are first starting out is to make a good impression on the family. Parents choose the babysitter they think did the best overall, even if you babysat their kids once. . If you are nice, helpful, and responsible then the parents will most likely rehire you. You also have to be respectful and dress appropriately when you get the job. Parents won’t be comfortable if you go to their house dressed up like your about to go to a party.

If you remember these things then you will do a good job and possibly get rehired. Don’t be nervous on your first day, good luck.


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