Article 1


Things parents need to know when having a babysitter

  • background checks
  • important numbers to contact if needed
  • Make sure your kids will be safe

When having a babysitter, parents need to know three important things. These important things are knowing background checks, important numbers to contact, and make sure the kids feel safe.

Background checks are important to know, because how would you feel if a criminal was watching your kids. The parents nor the kids would feel safe if this happened. You want someone with a clean record, this also includes driving records. Driving records are especially important if your babysitter wants to take the kids out somewhere. If the babysitter is driving unsafe with your kids in the car, that can end in serious or tragic events. Make sure you also interview the babysitter to see if they meet your standard of responsibility. If the babysitter did a great job taking care of your kids and you trust them, then rehire them.

Its recommended that you have numbers you can contact just in case of an emergency. Have phone number of family, neighbors, and friends just in case you can’t contact the babysitter. It’s very important that you have the babysitter’s phone number! Make sure you get their number before you leave the house, and test it to see if it works. If you have a home phone that’s an easier way to contact who is in the house, if you don’t have one that’s alright. Also make sure that your phone is charged so when needed you can call.

The last thing you need to know is make sure the kids feel safe with the babysitter you hired. Choose a range of babysitters you trust and have your kids pick their favorite. Your kids will most likely choose the one who they think was the best out of the other choices. If it’s your first time choosing/having a babysitter make sure the kids know your contact information just in case the babysitter is questionable. If the kids are still little and don’t know how to call someone that’s okay just make sure to ask them how the babysitter did when you get home.

These are just somethings that parents need to know when having a babysitter. It’s important for your family to be safe under the care of someone else. By knowing these things you will know who to rehire and know who to avoid when it comes to watching your kids.



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